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Professional doula services, parenting advice, and support for pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum. Services provided to clients in Central Indiana and beyond.

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“We need more women willing to say, “I’ve been there and I’m here. You can ALWAYS talk to me without fear of being judged.”

— Muniba Mazari

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Your Baby is Here!

When you combine the comfort and warmth your favorite person brings into your life, with the knowledge, confidence and non-judgmental care a doula brings, you get Jordan & Amy. We know, like we REALLY know, how scary it is to invite someone into your home whose sole purpose is to support you. It’s overwhelming, and sometimes, an unnatural feeling. Rest assured, we’ll treat your family like our own.

Our goal is to gradually build YOUR confidence as you parent and get to know your new little one. We’re your friend who doesn’t judge you, along with being experts in all things baby...without making you feel like you don’t know anything.

In the end, you'll know you could’ve made it to that point on your own. We simply made your postpartum experience a little sweeter.

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What is a Postpartum Doula?

Honestly, if you ask a room full of 100 postpartum doulas this question, you’ll likely get 100 different answers. That’s the beauty of what we do here at Indiana Birth & Parenting! We get to take the bones of our training, knowledge, and experience and transform your care into something tailor-made just for you. We already know you’re a #Supermom and our main goal is for you to know it too.

We’re living in an age of self-sufficiency where parents, especially moms, are urged to do it all. Being judged on everything from how you give birth, to how you choose to feed your baby, piles on worry and guilt to an already exhausting time. Even the vulnerable act of asking for help is scrutinized. Adjusting to life with a newborn baby has never been easy, and that won’t ever change.

There once was a time whenever a baby was born, the women in villages would drop everything to go physically and emotionally care for the new mom and baby. Help was abundant! Today, parents have a baby and 48-72 hours later, they’re wheeled out of the hospital to their vehicle and wished the best.

That’s where we, today’s postpartum doulas, enter the picture! Our sweet spot is balancing the old ways of providing support with current know-how and practical knowledge.

FAQS About Our Care

Note: You’ll see us refer to this type of support experience as Postpartum Doula Care and Post-Delivery Doula Care equally. There’s stigma surrounding the word postpartum. Our goal with interchanging our language is to shift the negative feelings of postpartum into something positive within our community.

Who hires us?

We deeply believe everyone benefits from our post-delivery doula care. Everyone. With that said, one common factor in the parents hiring us is their need for nonjudgmental support. Sometimes seeing a fresh face with a friendly and professional approach breathes life into them after a long day or night.

When will postpartum care start and how long will it last?

That’s up to you! Some clients want to start right when they get home from the hospital. Others don’t even think about additional support until the newness of parenthood fades away and exhaustion sets in, especially around the notrious four month sleep regression phase. Some people opt for a couple of weeks with us while they’re getting used to their new little human, and others want us for many months. You’re not on a timetable here.

What’s the minimum number of hours per shift?

We require at least 4 hours for a daytime shift and at 10 hours for an overnight.

Am I expected to sign up for a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not. A minimum purchase of 20 hours is all we require. Some clients choose to try a couple of shifts before making an investment. Others wish to purchase a higher number of hours upfront to secure spots on our calendar.

Will I get to meet Jordan and Amy before their first shift?

You bet! After our initial intake phone call, we’ll schedule your free in-home consult. Consultations are typically scheduled before your baby is born. Sometimes, parents choose to hire us after baby is here and that’s okay! We will work with you to set up a time to meet as soon as possible so postpartum care can begin quickly. .

What do I need to provide?

Thankfully we are self-sufficient people. We’ll bring what we need for day and overnight shifts. Our only requirement is doulas need place to rest during overnight shifts when baby is sleeping.

Do you charge more for multiples?

No way! We figure you’ll be multiplying expenses for decades and you deserve a break.

What does light housekeeping include?

While we love to push up our sleeves and tidy our own homes, we don’t offer deep cleaning for clients. We’re happy to assist with laundry (baby, siblings & parents), dishes, bottles & pump parts, surface areas in the kitchen, etc. Even though our primary role isn’t housekeeping, we understand how staying on top of the small tasks makes all the difference in the big picture and we’re happy to help where we can.

Can you help me with feeding concerns?

YES! Feeding a baby sounds simple. Spoiler…it’s not. It happens to be what new parents struggle with the most. We have loads of knowledge, experience, and trusted IBCLC resources to help make this new adjustment smoother for everyone. We warmly support breastfeeding, formula, pumping, or any combination of those things.

What if I feel like waking up at night with my baby is a vital part of bonding?

Well, you’re not alone. We promise to promote bonding just the way you like it. You choose how your baby’s night feedings will go. When a feeding wraps up- however that looks- we’ll gently attend to your baby’s diapering and comfort needs while you’re drifting off to sleep in your own bed. Then, when your baby is ready for their next feeding, you’ll feel refreshed ready to go.

Can my Pregnancy & Birth Doula also be my Postpartum Doula?

Of course! Continuity of care is beneficial for everyone. One of our birth packages includes 20 hours of post-delivery care if you’re looking for both experiences. Families can always add more hours on once their purchased hours are used up. This is common practice because our clients love us!

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