You're Our Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift. An iconic person with a heart of gold and an impressive fan base ranging from ages 8-98. She’s recognizable wherever she goes which means her private moments are never spontaneous. Every monotonous task must be carefully crafted and executed with precision. Without exception, her life is spent in direct contact with another human being. She’s never, ever alone.

Thankfully, Taylor Swift knows she needs reinforcements. Back when she was starting out, she hired a team that surrounds her. A team she trusts. Of course they physically protect her, but like most celebs, Swift also has a team backing her that puts her emotional well-being first. It’s the only way she feels like a normal person amongst the mayhem swirling around her. Her team fosters an environment which allows her to feel like she’s in a peaceful sanctuary of solitude, even when there are millions of people watching her. They treat her delicately, in all the best ways. 

Taylor Swift Concert Arena view

So what does Taylor Swift have to do with Indiana Birth & Parenting? Well to us...everything! Over here we’re #TeamTaylor forever & always. Every single one of our clients are treated the way Swift’s personal and security teams treat her. You are our priority. We care about the people you cherish most. We anticipate your needs. We cushion your surroundings. We enrich your environment allowing you to flourish at your own pace, and create space when you need to crumble. We know your intimate moments are yours to cherish, not ours. We respect you. We assist you in minimizing the unsolicited noise. We hold up the microphone for you so those in the back can hear what you have to say.

taylor swift microphones

When a baby bump starts bumpin’ and pregnancy is obvious, the public (and those close to you) feel like it’s their duty to share what THEY know and what THEY value about all. things. baby. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. It can feel offensive even when it’s delivered with the best intentions.

This time in your life requires a massive filter for taking in useful information and expelling advice that won’t work for you and your family. We’ve both been there so we know. Running on a hamster wheel of advice and criticism alone isn’t sustainable. Our ability to help you sift through advice is one of our best tools, so lean on us. 

As your pregnancy support team, your birth doulas and your parenting confidants, YOU are OUR Taylor Swift. You can trust us. We’ll be there, quietly, always cheering you on and supporting you from the wings when you want to take center stage. And, we’ll offer our strong presence when you desire to turn down the noise and focus on your quite, private moments. We’re masters of being situationally aware. You’re our client, and it’s our privilege and honor to be part of your birth and parenting team. 

Your pregnancy is the concert’s opening act. Your birth is the grand finale. Your 4th trimester is the after party that goes on for many months.

You can count on this dynamic duo team of ours showing up for you every step of the way. 

amy and Jordan at taylor swift concert

And Taylor! We’re available for travel whenever the time is right for you.