The New #SuperMom


Buckle up and hold on tight! We’re on a mission over here at Indiana Birth & Parenting and operation Celebrating #SuperMoms is in full force!  Now, before you start the eyerolling at the mention of the word SuperMom, you need to hear us out. We’re really onto something here.


It all started when a friend of ours said, “I don’t have a space online where I can go and celebrate being a good mom without being judged.”  Whoa. Full stop. What???


Her admission stuck with us. When did being good at something become a bad thing? Did you notice we said good and not perfect? Not long after this revelation, we saw a need for this change in our community which led to a deep dive online. The phrase SuperMom kept popping up, and every time it did, it was used in a negative tone. Ouch.


For us, being SuperMoms, knowing SuperMoms, and supporting SuperMoms has NOTHING to do with actions and outcomes. It’s not about a pristine outward appearance with flawlessly curated snapshots of what parenting should look like. It’s not about being all the things for our families, or doing all the things for everyone effortlessly.


Every single mom is a SuperMom in our eyes. Hear us when we say Every. Single. Mom. It’s our mission to take this taboo word and turn it into an unwavering term of empowerment.

What’s it mean to be a SuperMom?

It’s knowing our worth, and our limits, as people and as parents.

It’s trying our best and forgiving ourselves when our best isn’t enough.

It’s not judging other moms who might be doing things differently than us.

It’s balance.

It’s letting go of unrealistic expectations and deciding to do what’s best for us and our families.

It’s lifting up other moms when they are broken.

It’s forgiving ourselves when we are the broken ones.

It’s unapologetically taking care of our mental, physical and emotional health.

It’s recognizing if we’re worried, concerned, and trying our best as moms, it means we care…and we’re trying.

It’s celebrating the big and small things.

It’s sleepless nights, newborn spit up, dirty diapers, sticky toddler fingers, sweet baby smells and first smiles.

It’s the hard work we put into our relationship with our partner.

It’s being vulnerable.

It’s multitasking, patience and creativity.

It’s being a teacher, an advocate, and a friend.

It’s loving unconditionally, bravely and with strength.

It’s believing you are enough.

It’s about moms. All moms.

And that’s amazingly SUPER.


We live in a world where children are being exposed to the “everyone wins a trophy” mentality. How did society go from putting kids on pedestals for their pint-sized achievements, to shaming their mothers for patting themselves on the back for their mom-sized accomplishments? Let’s face it- keeping a tiny human fed is hard work and this absolutely falls under the SuperMom category!


Being a SuperMom doesn’t mean you have all the answers or you’re raising perfect children. To us, being a SuperMom means you’re trying your best as often as possible. And when you’re feeling not-so-super, you recognize what support you need in order to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Also, let’s not forget the men that have to double as a fatherly figure and a motherly one as well. We see you too.


It’s time to embrace parenthood. Own your superpowers, call on your sidekicks when needed, and when the world is telling you to lose your cape, choose to embrace it instead.

You, yes YOU! You’re a #SuperMom!