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Welcome to Part 6 of our Postpartum Series! Posts 1-5 are all about prepping, preparing, and learning about what to expect in the immediate days after birth (links are provided at the end of this post).

Today, we’re shifting gears a bit! We’re moving forward and looking at what a typical postpartum journey feels like a for new parents a couple of weeks after bringing home their baby.

At this point in your postpartum recovery, it’s common to feel like you’re in a slump. Your hormones are working hard to regulate. It feels like you’re trying to run up a hill covered in coconut oil while barefoot. One step forward, two steps back.

common feelings

  • The novelty and “newness” has worn off.

  • Friends and family have returned to their normal- which means visits, extra help, and meal deliveries have slowed way down.

  • You’re in full-blown parent mode, and days and nights are blurring together.

  • Sleep deprivation has overstayed its welcome- was it ever really welcomed in the first place?!

  • You’re physically recovering more and more daily, but you're not close to feeling “normal.”

  • You're wanting to join the outside world again, but you're overwhelmed about where to go or how to go about it.

  • It’s common to feel lonely, isolated, and missing your life before baby during this time. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby or you dislike being a parent. It just means you’re tired. Really. Freaking. Tired.

A big shift happens with you and your baby around weeks 3-6 after birth. It’s during this period of time when we see parents longing for additional help and professional support.


Today, we’re giving you an insider’s look into what one way a daytime postpartum doula experience can look and feel like for families. Before we get started, go ahead grab a hot cup of coffee, warm your tea, or if you’re really on your game, grab a big glass of water. Make sure it’s in your favorite mug too because we know the importance of a great mug! Get comfy, take a deep breath and relax.

Imagine it’s a weekday morning and you’re at home with your little baby. You’re in your favorite chair or coziest spot on the couch and your best friend just came over. Oh, you know the one. They can come over, look right past any disarray, and sit with you making you feel at ease- immediately. They know where your mugs are and easily make their own cup of tea. They see that there are a few dishes in the sink from the night before, so they take care of those too without making a big deal about it.

Then they come over to you, handing you your favorite snack- a snack you didn’t even realize you needed- and they sit down with you. They ooh and aah over your sweet baby, because they genuinely care for your little one. They listen to your woes and celebrate your victories. They ask you about your wishes and goals for the day, even if it's as simple as a nap or a shower.

AND, get this...they know things about babies! Like ALL the things! The best part? Even though they know things, they smoothly grant you the space to find your own way as a parent. They encourage you to listen and trust your own parental instincts. They fill your cup in all the right ways.

After your visit and chat with your friend, your eyes start feeling heavy. Lack of sleep and the baby fog is setting in hard. When your body is screaming at you to sleep, your friend encourages you to go take a long nap, a bubble bath- or both! Best of all, you can actually let go and rest guilt-free because you’re confident your precious babe is being cared for by someone who knows ALL the tricks to keep them happy, cozy, safe and cared for while you’re practicing self-care.

This is us, your doulas! Again, and louder for the people in the back...THIS. IS. US!

When you combine the comfort and warmth your best friend brings into your life, with the knowledge, confidence and non-judgemental care a doula brings, you get us- Jordan & Amy. We know, like we REALLY know what you’re going through. And, we’re here to walk beside you as you go through it.

the kind of right support

Postpartum care is complex, with many layers and emotions involved. What works for one family doesn’t always work with the next. We specialize in helping you and your family figure out the most efficient ways to use the time with us in ways that benefit YOU, not us.

Our goal as your postpartum doulas is to gradually build YOUR confidence as you parent and get to know your new little one. We’re your friend who doesn’t judge you, along with being experts in all things baby- without making you feel like you don’t know anything. We are the best of both worlds! When our time together wraps up, you’ll know you could’ve made it to that point on your own. We simply made your experience a little sweeter.

If a postpartum doula isn't in the cards for you, then we encourage you to reach out to a trusted loved one. Week 3 is a great time to ask for some additional help, but it's also a time when friends and family think you're thriving on your own. You can’t be shy! Use your voice, speak up, reach out, and get the support you need.

Next week we’ll be talking about feeling physically “recovered” from birth- when that’s not actually the case- and how you might be longing for your fitness routine and missing the “old you.” We’ll have some steps to help you scratch that itch until you’re released to return to all physical activity along, with tips for embracing the new you.



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