Nurses...We See You


we see you.

We see you entering your patients’ room for the first time, not knowing what you’re walking into.

We see you warmly smile as you introduce yourself, quickly scanning the room. If we’ve met already, you’re so happy to see us. If we haven’t, your guard is cautiously up. We know why and it’s okay.

We see you carefully noting all the admission question requirements in your computer. It’s clear you would much rather be sitting with your patient asking these questions in a more personal manner instead of being tied to a computer checking off boxes.

We see you starting IVs, all the while making small talk to distract your patient. You have a special skill. Constantly performing clinical tasks, while making sure your patient feels calm and relaxed, isn’t easy.

We see you always on your toes, running through your mental checklists and observing every detail of your patient, even during small talk.

We see you hooking up the fetal monitors, overly explaining importance of them- thinking you’ll be met with resistance. We see you softening towards us when your patient says, “Oh my doula already explained why monitoring is important so hook me up!”

We see you showing your patient and their partner how to order food throughout their hospital stay, even though you’ve been too busy to eat anything during your shift. 

We see you standing there, charting I&Os, while ever so slightly doing the pee pee dance because it’s been HOURS since your own bladder has been emptied. 

We see you quickly entering the room, cautiously watching the monitor when there’s poor variability or late decels. Your mouth is smiling but your eyes are worried. 

We see you looking directly at us with thankful eyes as we calm your patient, together. In that moment, you trust us. You know we’re there to work with you, not against you.

We see you on the phone with the OB confidently updating them on progress and telling them it’s almost baby time.

We see you tearing up with joy when your patient’s baby is finally here.

And we see you trying to hold it together in sorrow.

We see you helping your patient after delivery, making sure they feel comfortable and safe.

We see you stealing glances at the fresh little babe while the look of pride for your patient washes over you. 

we see you.

and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

We don’t get to SEE all the nursing care our clients receive during pregnancy and birth, but we know you’re there...

The Fertility and Reproductive Nurses caring for hopeful patients.

The Pre-Op, Surgical, and PACU Nurses supporting patients during some of their scariest moments.

The Practice Office Nurses constantly triaging questions and concerns, calling in prescriptions, and caring for patients at every provider visit.

The E.R. Nurses saving lives during an emergency, and often comforting patients when there’s a loss. 

The Pediatric Nurses taking care of infants and young people.

The Nurse Practitioners filling in the many gaps and providing multidisciplinary care across the board.

The ICU and Med/Surg nurses when there are severe postpartum complications.

The NICU nurses who miraculously care for babies while bonding with parents. 

The Mental Health Nurses showing up during a crisis and promptly responding throughout care.

To ALL the nurses out there, we’re celebrating YOU on National Nurse’s Day…and every single day.