Must Have Baby Items For Your Registry!


Baby products are our jam! Whenever we find the latest and greatest make your life better baby products, we want to shout it from the roof-tops. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of our very favorite baby products that you need to add to your registry— right now!

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  1. Earth Mama Organics-
    Nipple Butter

    If you have any intention of trying to breastfeed this little tub needs to be in your arsenal. We even suggest beginning to use it during your third trimester to get in the habit and to start nourishing your skin ahead of time. Don’t forget to pack it in your hospital bag too! Bonus- It’s lanolin free and safe for baby. No need to wash off before breastfeeding.

2. Honest Co. Organic
All- Purpose Balm

This stuff is the bee's knees! We love it for EVERYTHING. We've used it as a preventative and treatment for diaper rashes, dry/cracked skin, scracthes, stitches, the list goes on. Basically, anything you would need vaseline for- this is what you want instead. The ingredients are natural and clean so no worries on using it on your fresh babe. Throw this in your hospital bag- you may find a use for it there as well!

3. Marpac Dohm Sound

We suggest this beauty to every single client we work with. You may even find yourself sleeping better with it, so don't be afraid to plug it in before baby arrives. The reason why we love this sound machine in-particular is that it is an actual fan vs. a recording of a sound. We find that this alone makes for a more restful night of sleep.

4. Marpac Rohm Sound

Truth be told you need two sound machines in your arsenal. A standard one that stays by the baby's bed and this bad boy. This guy is small but mighty. It charges with a universal charger/USB plug-in which makes it super portable and road trip friendly. We also love it because of the volume control- it gets super loud. Keep The Rohm by your side during the whole newborn season. It's sure to help calm your baby, and you, during those fussy times.

5. Tula Free to Grow Baby

Baby wearing is a favorite around here and Tula takes the guess work out of it with their super user friendly baby carriers. The great thing about the free to grow version is that it can be used basically from day one. Its a great way to free up your hands or head out for an afternoon walk. What is even better is their prints are amazing and they have so many options- find one you love!

6. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

We are swaddle guru’s around here. But we realize that most parents aren’t so we love these sleep sack swaddles that take the guess work out of it. They come in different sizes and even fleece for winter babies so you have plenty of options to fit your needs. The zipper also makes for quick and easy late night diaper changes- making night time more efficient is always a win in our book!

7. Bamboo Diaper Pad

Buy a set of these now, we promise you wont be disappointed! We love these because the bamboo makes them extra soft and absorbent but any brand will do. We always suggest having a set for your changing pad so you can quickly change it out if anything crazy happens during diaper changes. They’re also great to throw in your diaper bag or diaper changing caddy so you can roll it out and literally change your babe anywhere around the house.

8. Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Classy and stylish- you'll feel like a #supermom when you’re carrying this bag around- even if you’re wearing yoga pants and messy bun. It’s super functional with loads of pockets, backpack straps, plenty of space, the list goes on. This bag will transition with you and your babe through every season. We may or may not even use it as our go-to bag for overnights and births. What is even better is this bag was created with love by a Mamma just like you that had a dream and went for it.

9. Aden and Anais- Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

The softest biggest swaddles to wrap your baby in. Like we said earlier we are swaddle guru’s and these are our secret sauce. The bamboo fibers make them extra soft but strong at the same time. In the early days we typically suggest a double swaddle and these make it easy since they are super breathable. We love them for other things too like breastfeeding cover ups, a canopy over the car seat, or just laying flat for a play sesh on the floor. You can’t go wrong with these and they’re available in different prints. Just make sure you get the bamboo version!

10. Aden and Anais Bamboo Dream Blanket

What’s a baby without a baby blanket? Kidding, kidding. But if you’re in the market for a functional keepsake baby blanket then this is the one to get. Like we mentioned above, the bamboo takes it to a whole new level. Super soft, super large, and very pretty. Before you know it you will have a toddler carrying this blanky around the house— it will be the sweetest!

11. The Snoo

So this one is going to be a luxury for most families to purchase but boy is it helpful. This high-tech bassinet is going to help your whole family get a little more rest. It was created from the principles of the 5 S’s and transports your baby into a womb like experience with its timely sounds, vibrations, and swaying movements. Click on the picture and take a look for yourself- coolest baby bed on the market.

12. Shea Moisture- Baby Head-to-Toe Wash & Shampoo plus Lotion

There is nothing better than the smell of a freshly bathed baby and this baby soap takes it to the next level. We love the quality and safe ingredients used by Shea Moisture especially in their baby products. The luxurious bubbles of the soap and the intense moisture of the lotion will leave you wanting to use these products for yourself. And we wouldn’t blame you if you did! Go ahead and try the lotion on your baby belly you’ll be day-dreaming of cozy cuddles all afternoon.

13. Spectra Baby S2 Hospital Grade Pump

This is our most loved breast pump! Insurance companies typically offer this pump as an option in their pregnancy plan, and we are so happy about it. User-friendly, quiet, efficient, and portable are some of our favorite qualities about this pump. We also love that it is a closed system which means you can pass it along to the next person in need.

14. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles

Trust us, there is no need to over complicate the bottle buying process. We love Avent Natural bottles because of there simple but efficient design. Their wide frame and nipple make it perfect if you’re transitioning from breast to bottle and very easy to clean. Also, if you end up with the Spectra 2 mentioned above they will attach to your pump!

15. Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer

With the touch of a button, you'll have a warm bottle in no time! Whether it's the middle of the night or you're leaving your baby with a caregiver, this bottle warmer makes life more convenient. Push power, confirm the desired warming time, and let it work its magic- it even alarms you when the bottle is ready!. We also like that it uses steam rather than submersion to heat and has a water reservoir that allows you to heat several bottles before its time to refill.

16. Dr. Browns Formula Mixing Pitcher

This mixer is a must-have for formula feeding families! It makes for a super efficient way to make up the days bottles at once. It holds 32 ounces of formula which is typically about the amount an infant will need to eat in a day. So mix some up in the morning, separate into bottles, and take the guesswork out of feeding your baby

17. Haakaa Gen 3 Silicone Breast pump

Unlike most manual breast pumps there is hardly any work involved with this little girl. You suction it to your opposite breast when nursing. It works with gravity and your body's natural letdown process to collect milk. Some women have reported filling their whole stash with this product alone. We are really excited about the newest version of the Haakaa. It comes with a bottle attachment to make storing and feeding a breeze!

18. Natemia Ultra Soft Hooded Towel & Washcloths

When it comes to baby bath towels you may end up with 50 sets as gifts. Our recommendation is that you only need 1 or 2 quality hooded towels and a small set of washcloths to get you through toddler-hood. Natemia's bamboo hooded towels and washcloths need to be on your list. The bath towels are 35x35 inches which is the perfect size to grow with your baby. We also love how extremely soft and absorbent they are. Oh, and you'll want to get a set of the washcloths for yourself. You'll be thanking us after the first time you wash your face with them.

19. Angel Care Bath Support

We love the super simple and compact design of this baby bath. It's perfect for sponge baths near the sink or full baths in a large sink/bathtub. Because of its small size, it also makes it easy to bring baby in the bath or shower with you whether for bonding or just plain capability of getting a shower in.

20. Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Add these nursing pads to your list if you’re planning to breastfeed! If you haven’t noticed, bamboo is a favorite over here. Bamboo rayon materials are luxuriously soft, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic which is exactly what you want when your skins is sensitive from breastfeeding. Also, these are going to be more discreet than toss-able brands.

21. Parker Baby Diaper Caddy

We highly recommend having at least one diaper caddy ready to go before baby arrives to be portable throughout your house for diaper changes. We love the Parker Baby version because its neutral and sleek, has well thought out pockets, and is sturdy. You’ll feel like a #supermom when you have this packed up with your favorite products.

22. Boppy Pillow

This is an oldie but a goodie! I’m sure you’ve seen these before if you have visited anyone with a newborn. These are a favorite during feeding times to wrap around you and help boost baby to a comfortable position. We also like them for tummy time and propping baby beside you for play time. It transitions perfectly when your baby is in the beginning stages of sitting and needs a little extra support.

23. City Mini Stroller-
Baby Jogger

Love, love, love this stroller. Quality materials, easy and efficient folding mechanism, smooth ride— the list goes on. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this stroller! We also love that you can by an easy click in adapter to attach our favorite ( and many other) car seat that’s listed below.

24. Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

Let us first state that any car seat that you purchase will have to pass all of the safety requirements to be available to purchase. So buy the car seat that works best for your families needs and budget. The Britax B-Safe has made our list of favorites because of its fool-proof installation, quality materials, and its added safety features. It will support a child from 4- 30 pounds or up to 32 inch which means should fit most babies for about the first year. As mentioned above we love to pair this car seat with the City Mini stroller.

25. Braun Ear Thermometer

We suggest buying a quality thermometer before your baby makes its arrival. Fevers tend to come at unexpected times- if your baby wakes up at 2 am feeling feverish, you’ll want to know exactly what their temperature is. Running out of the house to buy one may not be an option so go ahead and check this one off your list! We like this one because its easy to use and notably accurate- which is super important with a squirmy baby.

happy registering!