Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  And if you come up with a game plan or a gift today, it’s not considered last minute!! So what are you waiting for?? Let’s work together to make the Moms in your life feel extra special!

To get started we need to center ourselves, take a deep breath and really focus on our loved ones. Let’s say for instance that the person you’re buying for is the mother of your children. What makes them a great Mother? What lengths have they gone through to contribute to your family? Think about even the smallest things like researching, planning, shopping, and cooking healthy meals to nourish those little babes. The way that she carefully brushes your little guys teeth. How she sings lullabies to your little girl even though it’s way off key. Maybe the sun was shining this afternoon so she raced your little men down the sidewalk. It is the smallest moments in everyday life that make the mom’s in our life so special.

So how can we celebrate them? How can we take the time to tell them Thank You?

When we buy gifts, we always like to consider who we are buying for. What would truly make them feel special and loved?  We often turn to “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman when we’re trying to find a meaningful gift. If you haven’t heard of this book we will clue you in on what the “Five Love Languages” are and give you a few gift ideas for each.


“words of affirmation”

  • Hand write a letter describing specific details about how your loved one is a good mother, wife, or partner

  • Take some candid photos without her knowing and have them printed. You and the kiddos can put them in an album or even in a card with handwritten notes about each one.

  • A super cute coffee mug with words of encouragement on it paired with a journal and a cozy blanket. You could even be an over achiever and grab her the book- “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis.


“acts of service”

  • You guessed it- Breakfast in bed! Let your loved one sleep in and then surprise her with breakfast. Cooking isn’t your specialty? You and the little’s can grab take out and plate it before she wakes up. Even donuts will work for this occasion. Whatever you do—clean the kitchen up afterwards.

  • Think about some of the daily chores she gets done. And do them before she even has a chance. Even the simple gesture of recognizing the household things that are important to her will win her over.

  • Head to Kroger or Target and grab a couple bunches of flowers. Take the time to grab a vase trim the stems to create your own bouquet with the kids to surprise her!

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“receiving gifts”

  • Tangible gifts might be her fave so think of things that you know she wants but has a hard time buying for herself. You can never go wrong with a new pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, or a trendy shirt. You’ve really got to focus on her interests for this one. And keep in mind the planning and effort you put into the gift means just as much to the receiver than the actual gift.

  • Maybe she LOVES gifts but is kind of particular. Grab her favorite Starbucks drink and then send her off to TJMaxx or Target with a giftcard or instructions to buy something that will fill her cup.

  • Gifts do not have to be fancy or expensive. Pick out a meaningful picture with your Girl and the babes and head over to Hobby Lobby with the kids to pick out a frame. While you’re there grab a small plant container and pick up a succulent from your local garden shop on the way home.

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“quality time”

  • Does she love flowers? Mother’s day is a great day for the whole family to head to Lowe’s or your local nursery to pick out some of your favorite annuals to plant together. We always like getting the supplies to build a one of a kind hanging flower basket. Grab extra supplies and you guys can make them for all of the grandmothers in your life too.

  • In the afternoon, you can head to your favorite kid friendly winery for a glass of wine and family time. Locally we really enjoy Urban Vines. They have a great playground, view, giant Jenga, and frequently live music. This can make for the perfect evening together!

  • If action is more her speed head out for a long hike with a picnic planned. Some other local ideas are Top Golf, the Indianapolis Zoo, Indy Canal walk, bowling, or a park day.


“physical touch”

  • Really take the time to hold her hand, give meaningful hugs, or a back rub…. You know, without any expectations for yourself afterwards.

  • A pre-planned appointment or gift card for a massage or a mani/pedi.

  • If you’re feeling really brave, grab the kids and head out to your local Lush or beauty store to grab some of the fixings for an at home spa day-- put on by you and the kiddos. Some ideas might include-a new nail color, a foot or body scrub, a bath bomb, and a facial mask. Don’t be afraid to ask someone working for some ideas! We promise they would love to help you make it special.

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Please, Please, Please whatever you do-- take the time to recognize the #Supermoms in your life. Even if that means making a handwritten card with construction paper and crayons or just using words to tell them how special they are. Don’t let this day pass you by without telling the women in your life what they mean to you whether that is a sister, friend, teacher, aunt, someone longing to be a mother, your mother, or the mother of your children. This day is for all of the people that help shape young lives into beautiful and kind human beings. And we HAVE to be an example for our children of how to show love and appreciation for women in their lives.