Father's Day Gift Guide

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Has Father’s Day totally snuck up on you? We totally get it- and we’re here to help! Our Mother’s Day gift guide was a crowd pleaser and we hope we can do the gentlemen in our lives justice by offering up some amazing gift ideas that will make them feel appreciated.

We don’t have any time to waste so let’s dig deep and really get in the moment.  Father’s day isn’t about flashy gifts, but rather recognizing all of the hard work and love a Father puts into his family.  Picture them the first time they met their sweet baby, or when they have a snuggly newborn on their chest while watching the game. When they come home from a long day of work but eagerly embrace the chaos of a home filled with toddlers. When he recognizes YOU’VE had a long day and sends you to target to decompress. The men in your life- the ones that raised you, love you, parent with you, and support you- need some extra TLC at times, too.

Just like our past gift guide we are basing our suggestions off of the “Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. So take a moment to really think about your mate or the Father in your life, what makes them feel special and loved?


“words of affirmation”

  • A leather journal with a handwritten note of love and encouragement. You could even write some cues or questions to get him started in writing in it.

  • Giant Jenga! You could take the time to write messages of gratitude, favorite memories, or quotes from the kids. Don’t feel like you have to have something on all of them. This could be something that you add to throughout the years. Also, it doubles as family or date night at home fun!

  • Every dad loves a #1 Dad Tee! Etsy has great options for a modern version of this!



“acts of service”

  • Dad’s like to sleep in too! After an extra couple hours of snoozing wake up with a hearty breakfast of Bacon, eggs, and homemade cards in bed while cozying up together.

  • Is he a grill master? Do all of the grocery shopping and prep work for an evening grill session! Grill-able veggies, the best cut of meat, a new marinade or rub, and his favorite adult beverages. Have it all ready to go along with his favorite music on the speaker and send him out to enjoy himself. You and the kiddos can make dessert together while he is enjoying himself.

  • A freshly mowed lawn and a deep cleaned and washed car may help him feel a since of relief! You can roll up your sleeved or hire these services out for the week. He’ll be impressed either way!



“receiving gifts”

  • Sometimes we just want to open up surprises! If you’re going all out cologne, grilling tools, a new wallet, toiletry or travel bag, or a watch—are always worth an upgrade. You know the dad in your life. Think about what he would truly light up for.

  • Two words—Subscription Boxes! They have the coolest subscription boxes for men out there no matter what their interests are. Check out this super simple round up of the best men’s subscription boxes- Click Here!

  • Gifts do not have to be fancy or expensive; the best gifts are always the ones from the heart.  And even if they don’t admit it, a handmade gift will be cherished and displayed like it’s worth a million dollars. So get the kiddos dolled up in their Sunday best and take their picture to be framed. Or get their hands painted to be put on a special canvas. Don’t over complicate the Pinterest ideas! YOU are creative- keep it simple, sweet, and thoughtful.



“quality time”

  • If he has any interest in cars there is almost always a local car show on Father’s day morning. Locally there is one in Noblesville hosted by the Camaro Club.  Top Golf, Bowling, pontoon rental, or a backyard get together are all great options!

  • In the afternoon you can head to your favorite kid friendly brewery for some beer tasting and family time. Field Brewing in Westfield is brand new and has a great atmosphere.

  • Does your guy like sports or music? Buy tickets to his favorite team or band! It can be a date in the future- they will still be excited! And nothing says summer and father’s day like a baseball game! If you’re in Indianapolis the Indians have a game Sunday with special Father’s day activities!


Best. Dad. Ever..png

“physical touch”

  • Extra hugs, cuddling on the couch while they pick what to watch… even if it’s sports or playing his favorite video games, or a or back massage—and you actually give it your best effort. All great options for the guy who craves touch.

  • A pre-planned appointment or gift card for a couples massage (if he doesn’t typically go he may want you to go with him.. which is a bonus for you).

  • An appointment for “the works” at the local barber shop- haircut, shave, facial, nail trim, all of it.


Here’s to all the soon to be dads, first Father’s Day dad’s, seasoned dads, dads fathering their child from a distance, dads who had say goodbye to their child too soon, and men longing to become a dad. Here’s to the grandpas, uncles, brothers, stepdads, foster dads, and men stepping up and standing in the Dad role. We see you. We honor you. And we celebrate you.

And to our own guys Mark (Jordan) & Jamie (Amy), thank you all of your love and support, especially over these past few months. We couldn’t do this without you!

Ok, enough sap- it’s time to get out there and buy or make a gift the man in your life will love!