Registry & Nursery Planning

Registry & Nursery Planning


How exciting! Your baby shower is coming up and now's the time to make your registry and plan your nursery. After you get comfy on your couch and open up your laptop to begin, you freeze. Where do you begin? What do you really NEED? Why are there 700 types of baby monitors and a million brands and ways to diaper a baby? Which products are actually safe for your baby?

Then, the questions and tips from loved ones start flooding in. All of your friends have great recommendations, but somehow, their advice confuses you more. Sound familiar? We've been there, and we have helped other parents just like you navigate through the challenge of finding the best baby items. What's even better is we've used current baby products in real time giving us an insider's point of view. We've seen and used all the things, and we have exceptional insight on the latest baby trends.

You will get an initial in-home consultation, our registry "How to Guide" and a follow-up visit after the dust settles from your shower with this service. At the follow-up, we will help you with nursery organization, returns, and preparing a list of things you still need to purchase before your sweet baby arrives.

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