Welcome Home Planning Consultation

Welcome Home Planning Consultation


You've had a baby! Now what?! Our experience as moms and doulas has taught us preparing for the 4th trimester is essential for physical recovery and emotional health. Planning on caring for a baby you haven't met yet can overpower your thoughts. Have no fear...we're here to give you a simple and tangible approach to life with a new baby!

Indiana Birth & Parenting offers this one-time Welcome Home Planning Consultation, similar to the Birth Prep Consultation. This option gives you an insider’s point of view- from what to expect during the moments right after delivery, to the days, weeks and months that follow. This prep session takes place before birth, and in the comfort of your own home.

We’ll begin your custom consultation by going over your hospital’s protocols after birth, along with what to expect during your hospital stay and time of discharge. Then, the session will shift to exploring what baby’s first days at home will look like for all involved.

After you feel more prepared to bring your fresh baby home, we'll transition into what you can expect immediately after giving birth, recovery, and postpartum. We'll walk through recovery from vaginal and cesarean birth and offer simple ways to prep your home ahead of time to make the transition easier on everyone. We also touch on perinatal mood disorders- what’s typical and when/how to seek help- and what your partner can anticipate during every postpartum stage. After this informative 2-2.5hr in-home session, you’ll feel confident and prepared to bring home your baby.

*The Welcome Home Planning Consultation is included in the IBP Pregnancy & Birth Package.

** Only available to clients within our service area

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